HELP! I unknowingly married the man who raped me when I was a child and got pregnant for him


I am in a dilemma right now…..when I was 15 years old I was raped…and I gave birth to a beautiful daughter even tho I wanted to abort her back then when it happened.

But cause of my health issue I could not….getting to my story when I grew up and wanted to start dating it was not easy because I was still insecure about what happened.

The guys I tried dating I pushed them away because if what happened to me…..later I met one loving, caring, nice and sweet guy, he was what I wanted in a guy.
I started dating him and to my surprise I became very comfortable with him and he loved my daughter unconditionally…. about six month into the relationship he told he had something he wanted to tell me.”

“He told me that when he was younger he has done some bad things in the past that he still regrets now and forever….he told me he has raped a girl before.

I was very angry and disappointed with him. I had to call off the relationship. He begged and begged for forgiveness for about 3 months, I later forgave him.

When we got back together 2 months later he engaged me….fast forward later I got to find out that he was the one that raped me??…..through is childhood pictures.

I really don’t know what to do cause he is the first guy I was ever comfortable to make LOVE to me…..and I am pregnant!!!!!???
I really don’t know what to do cause I have given him back his ring…..please help me I really do love him but…..he has been begging me, please help me .”

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