My boyfriend demands sex every time, but once I ask for money he gives excuses, HELP!


My boyfriend demands sex every time, but once I ask for his support or money he gives excuses. What should I do?


Pastor Eden

It doesn’t sound like your boyfriend is concerned about your being happy in the relationship despite whatever he may say. He’s treating you like a free whore. It’s probably true that he’s describing you as such to his friends. It’s also probably true that you’ll be treated like that for the rest of your relationship with him and then be cheated on and ultimately discarded.

Leave your uncaring “john” and repair your image, self-image and future prospects for a new boyfriend who will love you instead of just using your body.

Mr k.

Okay… Let’s break this down.

Sex is important for a relationship, and many people would not want to live in a sex free relationship… me included… What do you mean by demand? He literally says “Give me sex, or I leave you”, “Give me sex now!” or is it more that he tries to get sex via a bunch of different means?

Now you said ask for his support? What is this support? You want him to listen to your day to day trouble? Or are you asking him constantly to do big things like picking you up from various places, or other things?

Considering the way you phrased it, it almost sounds like you give sex to get “support”? If you look at it as a transaction like that, you will be disappointed.

Okay then…

Honestly reading this question there is too little information to really do anything about it. The way it is written it seems like it is written in a way that over-exaggerates significantly.

If you really know what to do, no matter what? Figure out whether you can live with your situation and maybe talk to your boyfriend instead of people who knows nothing about your situation.

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