I almost had sex with my husband’s brother, I now regret not doing it


I am a 42-year-old woman, and I am having a problem. My husband is living in America. When he went away, our children were still young. Now they are grown up and can manage on their own.

I cannot give him a bad name; he has supported his children. When he was leaving, he did not intend to stay away for so long. But this year is the 11th year since he has been away.

I try my best to keep out of trouble. Sometimes when I feel for sex, I have to go to the bathroom and take cold showers. Even a couple of his friends have tried to get me to have affairs with them.

One of his brothers had always liked me, and one weekend, he and I went to the country and we had car problems and had to stay at a hotel and share a room. We had two beds in the room, but in the middle of the night, I felt him hugging me up, I responded gently by telling him “no, no.”

I almost had sex with him, and if he had continued to play with me, I would have yielded. Instead, I played with him, gave him a hand-held discharge and he stopped. I could never let my husband know that his brother and I almost slept together.

After all these years of my husband not being around, my children don’t even ask for him anymore.

We have since found out that my husband is living with a woman in America yet he still telling me that he is coming back. I don’t make him any wiser.

I used to feel guilty, but I don’t feel guilty anymore. I would like to divorce my husband.

Do you think I have enough grounds to divorce him?

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