My husband got disabled after car accident with his girlfriend, Is it evil to dump him now?


A wife doesn’t know if she should leave her cheating and abusive husband after his car accident.


I don’t know if should leave my cheating and abusive husband after his car accident. He got in an accident while with his side chick. I’m not against him seeing other people because we have been planning to get divorced for two years now.

We have three children, and the divorce discussions took long because we were still thinking of ways to make our children’s lives as normal as possible once we split. Both our families don’t know that we were planning to get divorced.

His family thinks that I’m ‘still’ his wife, and now I have to visit him in hospital. He broke his spine, and doctors say he might be crippled for life. I feel sorry for him, but I feel like I’m putting up an act by performing wifely duties.

The side chick survived, but has not bothered to visit him in hospital. He is now acting like a good husband after six years of marriage.

Should I try and make things work?

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