My girlfriend slept with her boss, I slept with her best friend, she then slept with my brother, I then bonked her stepmother!


Dear aunty,

When I found out my girlfriend had slept with her boss, I went straight out and had sex with her best friend.
She went mad and bedded my brother, so I looked up her despised ex-step mum and romped with her too.

And so we’ve gone on. To date, I’ve slept with 20 other women and she’s done about the same.

Our friends say we’re insane. They’re begging us to call a truce, but neither of us is prepared to back down.

She claims that everything is my fault.

Apparently, if I had been a better boyfriend then she wouldn’t have felt tempted to cheat in the first place.

I love her and want this to end, but don’t see how it can while we’re still at loggerheads.

When we make love with each other it’s angry and wild and I have to confess I enjoy it.

How is this all going to end?


You sound like a pair of complete drama queens.

All your friends are talking about you and you’re loving the limelight.

But you can’t keep up this level of energy and anger for ever.

I’m sure that the idea of revenge sex was sweet when your girlfriend cheated on you.

You paid her back by sleeping with her mate.

That should have been it, but, instead, you’ve carried on scoring cheap points ever since.

Things are now toxic. My worry is that too much damage has already been done.

Can you really come back from a joint total of 40 other lovers? I’m not sure you can.

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