Please Help: A beautiful lady I work with wants to have sex with me and fall pregnant


A young man has taken to a popular local forum website to express his experience with a lady who is sharing office space with him.

According to him, the lady told him point blank she wants to have unprotected sex with him and immediate fall pregnant.

Here is is ordeal:

Hello, I will not bored you up with much talk this time around, rather I will go straight to the point.

Early 2017 when I got a job in a construction company, I was made to share an office with a lady. Since I was new there, the lady was the one showing me around, introducing me to some clients, taking me out for lunch etc.

After some time, the lady demanded to know my house and I was so scared of taking her to my house since dad and mum are always against that. One day, I had to act like a man and I took her to my house. She admired my room and fell in love with almost every thing that was in that room.

She left my house that evening and the next day we still met at the office. In the morning of that day, the lady told me she wants to have a talk with me so I made up time to hear from her.

She was so uncomfortable when we went out to discuss in one of the eatry, but later she told me she wants to carry my baby, that she is 31 and she really want to have a child of her own, meanwhile, I am 29. I was so scared and bittered while she will say such a thing. I refused with a reason been that I am from a descent home therefore, my parents will kill me if I do such a thing.

Right now, any time I go to work, this lady will at times sit on the table, open her legs and ask me to see what is inbetween her legs. She will insist on kissing me at times. I am a guy that is always shy, I am not comfortable with her in that office again.

Please my good friends, what do you think is right for me to do in this kind of situation that I will escape this lady?

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