MUST READ: Here is how banana peels are used to whiten your teeth


Teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures in dentistry all over the world. If you also want to improve the color of your teeth and if you want to have a brighter smile, you can whiten your teeth in many different ways. You can go to your dentist, but professional treatments are usually very expensive.

Fortunately, there are many home remedies that can help you whiten your teeth. You can use strawberries in combination with baking soda, apples, lemon or some other natural remedies. But, in this article we will talk about bananas and their impact on our teeth.

We all know that bananas are among the most popular and most widely consumed fruits in the world. There’s no doubt that bananas have many health benefits for people, but have you ever heard that banana peel can whiten your teeth? Did you know that using banana peel is one of the best methods to whiten your teeth? Well, using banana peel to whiten teeth is a popular trend all over the world.

Banana peels are rich in potassium, and magnesium, which effectively get rid of the stains on the teeth.

Yes, it sounds odd, but you can actually use banana peels to whiten your teeth. This is considered so because of the wonderful source of minerals and vitamins the banana peel contains in it that makes it so very essential in teeth whitening. To use, find a perfectly ripe banana, one that does not have brown spots is great. shows you how to whiten the teeth using banana peels. Now we will explain you how to whiten your teeth using a banana peel. We will explain you step by step, so let’s start.

Steps to Whiten Your Teeth Using a Banana Peel

1. Pick a Banana.
The first step is to pick or to choose a banana from the bowl. It is recommended to choose a banana that is ripe, because it will contain more minerals. But, it doesn’t mean that you should choose a banana that is black.

2. Peel a Banana.
When you have chosen a banana, you have to peel it. First peel one strip from your banana but don’t touch the rest of the banana skin. When you want to peel a banana, it is best to do it from the bottom to the top.

3. Apply the Inside Of Banana Skin On Your Teeth.
The second step is to rub the internal part of a banana peel on your teeth. You should be sure that you are covering each of your teeth with banana paste. When all your teeth are coated with banana, let it stay for about 10 minutes. It is best to keep your mouth open because this way your lips won’t touch your teeth. This way you will prevent that the banana paste rubs off.

4. Brush the Teeth.
After 10 minutes you should brush the teeth. You should use a toothbrush that is dry. Brush the teeth for about 2-3 minutes. Next step is to wet the toothbrush and rinse the paste of banana from your teeth. After that, you can also brush the teeth with your regular toothpaste.

5. Repeat Every Day.
It will be necessary to use this treatment every day for about two weeks. We recommend you to take a picture before using banana peel and after that, in order to notice the changes in the color of your teeth. You should not apply a banana peel on your teeth more than once per day. Have in mind that bananas are rich in natural sugar, which can damage your teeth if used too much. You can also use a banana peel once a week to whiten your teeth, but in this case you will need more time to notice the results.

These are the most important steps that you need to know if you want to whiten your teeth with banana peel. As you can see, the procedure is very simply so it will not be the problem for you to repeat it every day, until you see the results. If you don’t have results after brushing your teeth with banana peel for more than a month, you can also try some other natural remedies for whitening your teeth.

After whitening your teeth with banana peel, we recommend you not to throw the peel away. You can grind banana peels and sprinkle them over the ground or you can just add banana peels to the compost bin.


We hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you can be sure that using a banana peel is absolutely safe and very effective method for teeth whitening. Also, you have learned how to use banana peel to whiten your teeth. We are sure that you will try this method to whiten your teeth as soon as possible.

As you have seen, banana peel can be very effective in the procedure of whitening your teeth. Also, we have told you what are the health benefits of eating banana and why is it good for your teeth and your overall health. Many people who used banana peels to whiten their teeth had amazing results. But, the only way to know for sure if banana peel can whiten your teeth is to try it out yourself.

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