‘These are the people who are spreading coronavirus in Zambia and this is where they live’


Pakistan travellers and a couple of Indians living in Zambia are the ones responsible for bringing the deadly disease to this country.

They recently attended an Islamic annual ceremony. Just there in Pakistan, government orders for maintaining social distancing amid Covid-19 was defied blatantly by the Pakistinians and all those that travelled there.

These people and the couple that first contracted Covid-19 are the ones spreading the virus in Zambia – otherwise we wouldn’t have any case so far.

I want to believe Gvt knows these people. My simple investigation has revealed that most of them live in Emmasdale with a small group residing in Madraas Kabwata/Kamwala areas.

And based on Ministry of Health, the one Zambian who was tested positive of Covid-19 contracted it from the said Pakistan travellers.

And as we have read, these people are arrogant and abrogating orders by Ministry of Health. They give false information about where they live and false contact details. When told to be self-quarantined they defy. They go to banks, malls and other public places as the case is with the man who went to Absa bank yet knowing very well that he was carrying a virus that would wreck Zambia if it reached at a worst stage of spreading.

My worry is this; since these people are arrogant and defiant to the entire Government of Zambia, how can they even be of consideration to the maids and helpers working for them?

They have maids, garden boys as well as other workers. Before Government even got to these people, how sure are we that they did not spread the virus to the people who work for them and anyone they may have come in contact with?

Some of them even own shops muKamwala. How sure are we that they have not infected many who walked into their shops?

Remember, the virus can be transmitted through exchange of money and can stay in someone’s body for about 14 days without any signs of symptoms whatsoever!

Clearly, these people care less about the safety of this country.

This is why, the best way to be safe and saved from this Covid-19 is being home. And even there, wash your hands regularly with soap or handwash, avoid touching your faces, avoid crowds and basically do not move/ travel unnecessarily. You don’t know who is carrying it.

– Zambiawatchdog

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