Zambia is successfully treating coronavirus patients but not willing to reveal medication?


The DP appreciates the progress that the Government has made so far in as far as treating patients that tested positive with the covid 19 is concerned.

In this regard, the DP requests the Government to disclose to the nation and the world what medicine Zambia is using in treating these patients. Its evident that the world is struggling to treat their patients while Zambia has continued to record remarkable progress. With this progress, we believe Zambia can take this opportunity to be the solution that the world is looking for. May be France or even Italy can learn from us on how we are managing to treat our patients.

Secondly, it would be good for our doctors in other parts of the country to know what medicine is being used at Levy Mwanawasa hospital so that in an event they encountered patients with covid 19 they would know how to treat them.

We are further asking the Government to encourage those recovered patients to embark on advocacy like we are seeing our friends in other countries showing people who have recovered testifying how they got better and educating the public on the symptoms.

In this same regard, we are asking government to give the nation an update about the status of the couple that came from France who were first tested positive. How are they doing? Are they among those that have been discharged, where are they? simply put, whats the status quo about that couple.


Judith Kabemba
DP Spokesperson

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