This is my personal experience after testing positive for coronavirus


My personal experience with Covid-19 has been an eye opener! Stay Home!

I was caught in the web when my diabetic sugar condition went through the roof! I started drinking water constantly! Even though my daughter was far away in Kent, while I live in London, she kept in constant touch and noticed quivers in my voice as we constantly spoke!

On Friday the 10th of April, she insisted on calling an ambulance on me! I refused! I felt scared to be pronounced a Covid-19 victim! But she wasn’t having me dying in my flat! Before I realized, the ambulance was outside waiting! The ambulance men couldn’t come and fetch me as my place is completely fortified.

I had to drag myself like a zombie! When blood sugar is too high in your body, you lose your self conscious! You literally don’t know what’s happening around you! This is a preventable situation, but you should constantly be checking your sugar levels! I lost count over a period and ignored checking levels of my sugar!

As I reached the ambulance, I fell in the arms of 2 burly ambulance men who took me over, to check what was really wrong with me! After almost 30 mins of checking my condition, they called my daughter and told her that, “your dad has a blood problem and not what you might have feared!”

After reaching the hospital, the ambulance men have to go through formalities before they get you a bed! They finally did! I had gained a bit of self confidence when I was told it was uncontrolled blood sugar that was my biggest problem! But, it is such underlying illnesses that the Coronavirus thrives in!

That came to the conclusion when I had to have a swab in my mouth and nose! They do the test without letting you know what the swabs are for! I was instantly connected to 2 drips, and a series of antibiotic injections.

The action by the general medical staff of the NHS is second to none! They work tirelessly around, and you could be having blood tests from 1am to 6am, on hourly or 30 mins basis!

Later, one young doctor told me that a Coronavirus test had been carried out on me and my results would be ready soon! I shivered and was scared since I had developed short breaths and coughing! The same young doctor came back and just said your results were positive!

I wasn’t amused and nearly put up an argument with him! But obviously as professionals, they understand the reaction of patients especially at this time of the Covid-19! I went through many series of treatments and happened to have responded to usual medication, but different doses!

On Monday the 13th, I was told I would go home the following Wednesday. I couldn’t be any happier! But the problem is you can only be sure you’re out when it has actually happened! Fortunately, the day came even earlier when on Tuesday the 14th, I was told to get ready to go home!

At that point, no Covid-19 was ever mentioned and I am currently recouping well in my own home! I can’t say I am completely healed as I have to continue taking medication. Such is life! You are never really ready for death! It is always sneaking up on you! Covid-19 is real! But I don’t wish it on anybody!

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