WOMEN: Here is how to have natural hips like Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, or Rihanna


Having bigger hips, a tiny waist, flat tummy, and a big booty is the current craze which may not end soon. But, let’s face it; don’t Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, Kim, or Rihanna look all curvy and immensely confident?

I have been a skinny and a big girl. Fortunately, or unfortunately, going from plus to petite wasn’t as hard because it happened during my teenage years. However, after a few years, I need to gain some weight especially around my hips, and it wasn’t easy at first. But, it had to happen.

The other thing is that I needed to go the natural way – no surgeries or synthetic pills. This means that I tried so many things before I got my dream body – all in my ‘how to get curvy hips’ research. As with any trial and error expedition, some tests work, others fail.

Whether you blame it on the society or personal preferences, being the girl with big hips makes me feel confident. And, turning those necks and heads as I walk into a restaurant, bar, or walk down the street is a big ego-boost. This is something you may never hear from ladies, knowing how men have big egos but, yes, girls feel beautiful when they get a little attention. It is just a normal feeling.

The reason for this article is to help other ladies who have been wondering how to increase hips size naturally at home.

How to get wider hips is one of the most common questions on the internet and here is the simplest answer to the question – eat well. You are what you eat, and you must eat foods with a high nutritional content. Here is a secret – you need to make your muscles firmer and well-toned, not to add more fats and develop more unhealthy fat cells. Here is how you need to go about it:

High Protein Diet
Proteins and water make up the biggest part of your healthy body; your shape depends on your body’s protein levels. Therefore, you have to eat so much more eggs, legumes, beans, lean red meat, fish, poultry and whey protein shakes. These super proteins are rich in high-quality proteins and low saturated fats. These are the most important nutrients for your body.

Super proteins have a high-quality muscle building ability as well as a high biological value rating meaning that they are highly and easily digestible. Super proteins also contain amino acids compatible with the components of the cells. By eating these protein-rich foods, you build a stronger body, and with some exercises, your hips and booty will grow bigger.

Balanced Diet
You’ve probably heard of superfoods many times but like many of us, the first though normally is, proteins. Well, though we are right, that isn’t all. Super proteins or high protein diets are essential, but you also need other nutrients. Please, don’t even think of cutting down your carbohydrates’ intake – well, unless you are over eating carbs currently. Carbohydrates are important for cellular functions and are the primary source of energy for all activities. You cannot work out or think without glucose from carbohydrates.

Also, add enough essential fats and oils in your meals daily. Carbs and oils/ fats are essential for muscular growth and a healthy body overall. Did you know that the right amount of good fats leads to fat loss and muscles (proteins) aid in weight loss even when you are resting – so, chow down enough good fats and sufficient carbohydrates?

As we talk about balanced meals, don’t forget water. A balanced meal or a nutritious diet has some water in there. Drink enough water and add fresh leafy vegetables and fruits.

Here is something that will top off your at-home quest on how to get bigger hips: super foods. These refer to vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The best part is that you can get all these from what nutritious foods. The primary reason why you need superfoods is that minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins play a significant role in metabolism influencing hormones and enzymes required for digestion and assimilation of proteins (amino acids) leading to wider hips and a bigger bum.

The sources of superfoods include green vegetables and fruits. You also need mixed nuts, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, berries, oatmeal, or quinoa. The added advantage of these superfoods is that they lead to fat loss leaving you with a leaner frame. If you work out, you’ll have a toned frame too.

Before we finalize the first part on how to get a small waist and bigger hips, there is a detail that cannot be left out – skip on the fries, burgers, sodas, pizzas, etc as you work on getting bigger hips. If you must eat these foods, make them at home because you’ll use healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Your appearance is 70 percent your diet, and 30 percent exercise hence the insistence for healthy eating.

Stop cringing – exercises don’t have to be torturous. To get bigger and wider hips, there are exercises which are less torturous and more fun.​

Every search for ‘how to get bigger hips in a week’ leads you to squats. We’ve all seen the memes and videos showing the effectiveness of squats and though it is over-praised, squats work by making your glutes firmer. This results in a bigger bum and wider hips.

Squats focus on your Gluteus Maximus butt muscle. Whenever you squat, this muscle contracts and relaxes eventually toning your bum and thighs. For squats to work, you have to go in deep to engage the muscles more. You also have to bend your knees well and no; squats will not hurt your knees.

Yoga hardly comes up on the list of how to make your hips wider exercises, right? Despite that, yoga poses are beneficial in sculpturing a strong and a firm butt. Essentially, yoga relaxes the mind, and this makes it easier for your body to lose the extra fat. Some of the best poses include the crow, lizard, pigeon, crane, and tree poses.

Side Lunges
Side lunges are the best answer to your ‘how to increase hip size’ question. It is effective because you have to use your hip muscles. For you to make a side lunge well, you have to stand straight with your toes slightly turned out.

With the left foot firmly on the ground, you should take a broad step to your right with your right foot and then, lower your body while planting your right foot until the right foot is parallel to the ground. Your abs and glutes must be firm because you need this strength to push your yourself back to the starting position as you make a switch to your other side.

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