President Edgar Lungu’s administration declared a shithole government


I should say I was in affirmative with United States president, Donald Trump when he called most third world countries shitholes, I still am. One thing president Donald Trump may not have been informed is how some of these countries turned into shitholes and it’s all two way;

1. Some countries have been made into shitholes by the western imperialists, their former colonizers who after physically leaving in the name of independence have indirectly continued to rule these countries and take away vast natural resources that would develop them, most Francophone countries fall in this category; Cameroon, Togo, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Central African Republic.

2. Other’s have self destructed since independence by having irresponsible central governments that have selfishly betrayed their own people and have opted to enrichening themselves instead of their countries and the masses who vote for them, an example of such government is the current Zambian one.

Perhaps people don’t understand what makes the Zambian government a shithole government-

– A government that has financial challenges but opts to purchase forty two very expensive un needed fire trucks at $1Million each.

– A government that owes a foreign country $23Billion in loans and decides to pay it off by getting another one of $28Billion from a different country.

– A government that stops at nothing but arrest anyone with opposing views; musicians, lecturers and civil rights activists.

– A government that has financial troubles but spends millions of Kwachas to merely win a mayoral seat, or a local government one.

– A government that spends so much money to buy electoral candidates and create unbalanced democratic environment all to win unimportant political seats.

– A government that suspends corrupt police officers but leaves corrupt ministers in office.
-A government whose ministers are serving in it while their electoral seats were nullified by the courts of law.

– A government that allows political cadres to overrule law enforcers.

– A government that doesn’t know the difference between a traffic offence and treason.

-A government that allocates the same amount of money for public order and Agriculture.
– A government that highly taxes it’s citizens more than foreigners.

– A government that plans on raising $4.3Million revenue from fining traffic offenders.

– A government whose foreign obtained loans are used on non revenue generating projects.
– A government whose loans providers are also constructors for its projects.

– A government that gives foreign nationals work permits to streethawk and do cheap businesses and calls them investors.

-A government that lies about everything; Eswathi land, Mukula deals, Topstar deal, Loans, Lamise-Ratsa, Sale of Paradtatals etc.

– A government that fails to realise that donor funds meant for its citizens are missing till the funders raise alarm.

-A government that gives tax breaks to foreign businesses but not local ones.

– A government that fails to control inflation and can not match it up by raising civil servants salaries.

– A government that has parliamentarians who are willing to trade blows for merely being opposed in parliament but remain undisciplined.

-A government that retires people from selective regions and tribes without reasons in the name of “national interest.”

– A government that cripples it’s economical dependent sector in Agriculture and has no restoration plan.

-A government that raises salaries of its top officials who are already highly paid and not that of lowly paid civil servants.

Lastly but not the least a government that continues to loot national coofers, corruptly involve itself in state deals but still tries to fool citizens but asking them to pray on a designated day and expect God to hear them.

It’s apparent that our governemnt is a shithole government, very clueless, one that has no heart for the people, the more reason our once beautiful country has been turned into a shithole one.

We deserve better fellow citizens and can better better than this, every election coming let’s vote wisely and change leadership.

Mbanga, Irvine Ilukui.
Fayetteville, Arkansas.
United States of America.

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