JUST IN: President Edgar Lungu could be impeached soon


We have observed that Edgar Lungu and his Patriotic Front government have taken Zambians for granted because they have been allowed to steal the country’s resources and silence those with opposing views at the expense of Zambians’ suffering.

I appreciate the constitution of South Africa which has a provision for a Political Party to call back a non-performing or corrupt President. Edgar Lungu has reached a point of call back, the iron is there but unfortunately, no one in PF can push for a vote of no confidence and that could be the reason why the speaker of the National Assembly is sitting on the impeachment motion.

Look at the Zambian people today, majority are wallowing in abject poverty can’t afford three meals in a day, our youths skilled or educated have nothing on offer infact they have a burden to pay a huge debt incurred from wreckless borrowing by Edgar and his government. This unfortunately includes the unborn child who will not only pay the debt but may be born stunted due to poor nutrition.

The intellectual capacity of our students in higher institutions of learning such as UNZA and CBU has been affected due to poor funding of their meals, accommodation and project allowances, worsened by poor management of their lecturers who have to fight for better conditions of service. Issues affecting students and their lecturers have no doubt affected their learning yet they are the human resource awaited for to contribute to the development of the nation.

Traders too have been affected by the burning of markets which the Patriotic Front has up to date not told the nation the cause. Traders today lack conducive trading spaces for their businesses while those with space in markets are swindled by cadres collecting illegal levies from them.

Civil Servants are struggling to live decent lives as their salaries have lost value while Edgar Lungu is besides the wealth he has suspiciously amassed, has also increased his salary.As UPND we shall not allow austerity measures that are implemented using the animal farm formular. We have had enough, PF has gone too far. In bemba we say ‘Edgar waya sana’

Every sector has been affected by Edgar’s poor performance but he is showing no remorse other than fighting to remain in power as means of enriching himself while Zambians get poorer and die prematurely.

We’ve had enough, imagine closing the Post Newspapers to the extent of reducing its workers like they were cadres in the opposition yet they have an important role in society which was also benefitting the PF as a ruling party.

Today Zambians cant express themselves on issues affecting their lives and surroundings while journalists remain risking to provide information to the community enough Edgar should go, go, go.

Edgar has also abrogated the constitution he swore during his inauguration as well as broken some biblical commandments which late President Michael Sata swore to use in governing this nation.

‘Awee mwachilamo ba Edgar,’ Zambians today are among the hungriest population in the world it’s too much enough is enough.

Speaker Patrick Matibini should learn from the South African Parliament that impeachment are a part of democratic process and the House should not be used to protect criminals.Jacob Zuma survived three impeachment motions brought before Parliament without the Speaker showing any bias.The UPND demands that Matibini brings the impeachment motion so that it is debated as it’s continued judicial review process lacks merit.

If Lungu is popular he will stay but we know he will go because he has failed the people of Zambia and the writing is on the wall.

Zambia is not short of quality men and women who can provide leadership even in PF itself they are those who can take over from him and actually do a better job than Edgar. We are mindful to the cry of the majority that Zambian needs the fresh start and the only suitable political party which is ready to begin the new transformation is the UPND. It’s no doubt that my President Hakainde Hichilema and I have travelled the country and understand it better than Edgar.

It is time to go and leave Zambia to a leadership that will put the people of Zambia first.’DZIKO NI BANTU’ is what we believe in as UPND.

Issued by:
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (Dr)
Vice President – UPND

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