My wife came back home from work without her panties and her punani shaved


Kitwe Senior Local Court magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu last week reprimanded a wife of Kamitondo township for allegedly going home without her pant on the pretext that she had soiled it. This is in a case in which Mary Mushili, 21, sued her husband Terence Chumpuka for reconciliation on grounds that he deserted her and the child.

Magistrate Ndhlovu warned Mushili that he was capable of divorcing the couple so that she could have more freedom to continue playing with other men.He said this after Chumpuka complained to the court that his wife once went back home without her underwear after she knocked off from work.

Chumpuka told the court that on that day, his wife had gone out wearing a thigh cling and pant but that when she returned home, she only went back with her thigh cling.

The two got married in 2016 and they have one child together. Chumpuka denied the allegations that he deserted his family and told the court that he loves his family but that his wife is a difficult person. He told the court that the couple has been having a number of marital problems and that his wife makes it difficult for them to resolve their issues because she likes telling people about everything that transpires in the marriage.

Chumpuka accused his wife of being a promiscuous woman to an extent that she shaves herself and refuses o shave him. He also complained to the court that his wife once left home for work while she was wearing a thigh cling and a pant but that when she went back home she only went with her thigh cling.

“When I asked my wife as to why she had no pant on, she told me that she had put it in her bag after she stained it but I decided to forget the issue because I knew she was lying,” Chumpuka said.

He said in January this year, he left for Ndola to look for a job but that when he came back, he discovered that his wife had packed out of the house and that when, he tried to make her come back she allegedly refused.

Chumpuka told the court that he loves his wife and that he has never deserted her. But Mushili told the court that her husband is a jealous man and that he always suspects her of having extra-marital affairs. She also accused her husband of beating her up every time they have an argument.

Mushili said her husband left home without informing her or leaving them with any food forcing her to go and live with her grandparents.
Kitwe senior local court magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu reconciled the couple and and urged them to live in harmony.

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