Cheating wife confesses to adultery after giving birth to twins with different fathers


A woman from China was recently forced to confess to her husband that she had cheated on him by having a one-night stand after she gave birth to twins who have different fathers.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the adultery was exposed after the couple went to register the birth of their sons at a local police station. They were asked to submit medical tests to prove that they were indeed the parents of the twins.

Unfortunately for the woman, the DNA tests carried out at the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Centre showed that the husband was the father of only one of the boys.

The angry husband is reported to have immediately confronted his wife upon getting the test results. The wife initially tried to bluff her way out of the situation by accusing her husband of falsifying the results. After a drawn-out argument, she finally said that she had cheated on him only once when she had a one night stand. The angry husband said that he was only going to raise his own child but not another man’ child.

Although twins being born from two different fathers is rare, it is not uncommon. It is a rare occurrence known as heteropaternal superfecundation. For this to happen, a woman must have slept with two different men within a day before or after ovulation for both eggs to be fertilised.

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