Woman caught red-handed, busy like rabbits, having sex with boyfriend… hubby is now mentally challenged


A cheating woman was on Sunday night given a thorough beating by her angry in-laws in the area after they caught her busy like rabbits, having steamy sex with her lover.

The cheating couple was caught by the woman’s suspecting in-laws who followed her to their secret rendezvous at midnight in the same village. They were allegedly caught in the middle of a intimate session.

The woman’s lover, Naison Chitaka (35) escaped the angry mob with a red left eye, which he sustained during the wrangle, while his unlucky lover, Evermay Tsakatsa who was also naked could not escape the grip of her enraged in-laws.

The 43-year-old Tsakatsa was heavily bruised all over her body, had a swollen right leg and could not walk properly when The Weekender caught up with them on their way to Zimunya clinic in Gombakomba, Manicaland province in Zimbabwe on Tuesday.

When The Weekender visited Village Head Chidziya’s homestead on Tuesday, villagers had gathered awaiting Tsakatsa and Chitaka’s appearance since they had been summoned to the headman’s homestead.

The angry gathering was vying for Tsakatsa’s blood and demanding that she be brought before them so that they deliver mob justice. However, at that same time, Tsakatsa was making an assault report at Zimunya Police Station and going to the clinic.

Narrating the ordeal, Tsakatsa’s brother-in-law, Cosmas Jakachira confessed to setting a trap for his sister-in-law after hearing rumours that she was having extra-marital affairs while her husband was suffering from mental illness and roaming the streets in Mutasa.

“On Sunday and at around midnight, we heard the dogs barking and that alerted us that somebody was passing by our house. I went to the window and saw Tsakatsa walking alone. I then decided to follow her together with my brother and sister.

“We waited a little bit so that she would not suspect that we were following her and when we finally did and arrived at Chitaka’s homestead, we heard noise of sexual pleasure inside the house.

“That alone infuriated us which is why we did not knock but broke down the door,” said Jakachira.

He said when they broke the door, Tsakatsa and Chitaka were lying naked on the bed.

“We attacked them then because we were really mad that she was cheating on our brother who currently is not feeling well. They both disrespected our family and we had no other way to show them that we were angry than to teach them a small lesson,” said Jakachira.

They marched the naked pair to village head Chidziya’s homestead to which they were referred to Headman Gombakomba’s kraal. Chitaka then had managed to put on a pair of briefs while Tsakatsa had wrapped herself with a cloth.

Jakachira’s sister Anna Dziike said she had enough of Tsakatsa at their homestead and wanted her back to her parents.

“My brother has been mentally challenged for five years and is roaming the streets in Mutasa. She has not even bothered to go and get him so that he stays at his home since they have three children together.

“Rather, it has been one affair after another. She should just go back to her parents, we no longer want her here,” said Dziike.

Headman Gombakomba however said he would refer the matter to his superiors, which would later see the matter appear before Chief Zimunya.

When The Weekender caught up with Tsakatsa at the clinic, she rubbished claims that they had been naked when they were caught by her in-laws.

She however, admitted that she was having an affair with Chitaka.

“Of course, I am having an affair with Naison but that was all because my husband was no longer providing for me sexually and financially. He has been mentally challenged for the past five years now and stays in Stapleford in Mutasa District.

“I am a woman, I have needs too. How am I supposed to survive when my in-laws do not even care for my family’s well-being.

“They assaulted me and expected me to be at the headman’s meeting on Tuesday as if I am made of metal or plastic. I came to the clinic because I am injured,” said Tsakatsa.

Chitaka however, did not respond to questions put to him.

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