Hardcore prostitutes fight as abortion saga goes wrong


TWO residents of a prostitutes haven were at each other’s throats on Friday as they fought over a suspected abortion case.

When The Weekender arrived at No. 143 Third Street, popularly known as Green Gate Lodge, in Mutare, Zimbabwe, there was commotion as Rachel Paradzai and Lindiwe Ncube traded accusations of aborting and dumping a foetus outside the lodge.

When the police arrived at the scene, they searched the duo’s rooms and discovered bloodstained clothes under 22-year-old Paradzai’s mattress as well as a blood-stained bedding sheet in Ncube’s room.

However, Paradzai distanced herself from the blood-stained clothes, claiming that Ncube and her friends had set her up.

“I do not know anything about those clothes, I was never pregnant,” said Paradzai as she cried hysterically.

“Lindiwe told me yesterday that she had miscarried. I am sure she is the one who planted those clothes under my mattress,” she told the police.

However, Ncube vehemently denied Paradzai’s theory.

“I was not carrying any pregnancy,” said Ncube.

Another sex smith came forward to exonerate Paradzai. She told the police that the blood-stained clothes that had been discovered in Paradzai’s room where in fact hers, for use at “work”.

“Those are my skirts. I used to wear them to ‘work’. Lindiwe borrowed them last week, she said she had nothing clean to put on. However, she never returned them and I am surprised that they are now coming from Rachel’s room.

“This is a set-up and everyone knows it,” she said before being escorted back to her room by a man who seemed to be the ladies’ pimp, judging by the authoritative tone he used when speaking to them.

He ordered the woman to mind her own business, before introducing himself to the police as Jani.

Jani went on to threaten The Weekender crew with unspecified action. “We do not want The Manica Post here, or else I will deal with you. How is an alleged abortion your business? Are you the police? Just go away,” shouted Jani.

The two feuding women were whisked away by the police for further questioning.

Meanwhile, two foetuses were discovered in a Chikanga sewer following a blockage early this month. Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tavhiringa Kakohwa confirmed the two cases, adding that it is sad to note that abortion cases continue to be recorded across the province despite efforts to discourage the practice.

– Manicapost

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