12-year-old girl kills man, cooks and eats his body parts: ‘The taste was too sweet’


A 12 year old schoolgirl at the centre of a horrific murder claims she used a frying pan to cook and eat the heart of a man she had ‘killed’ – but the taste was ‘too sweet’.

The child told Russian investigators, according to media reports: ‘The brains turned to be much more tasty.’ The girl is accused of running away from home and helping to murder and dismember Alexander Popovich, 21.

She was detained alongside alleged paedophile Arkady Zverev, 22, who also admitted killing Popovich, and confessed to a sexual relationship with the underage girl. The 12 year old child told officers she had stabbed the man – in whose flat they were lodging – after he want to bed.

Then she opened his abdomen with a knife because she ‘always wanted to see what was inside there’, according to 47news.ru. She later alleges to have cut meat out of the victim’s chest, which she fried. Zvarev reportedly used an axe to behead their victim, and chop off his arms. The child then allegedly put the severed head in the microwave oven in the ground floor flat.

In his testimony Zverev allegedly insisted he had been the first to stab Popovich after a row about the rent for living in his flat in Novinka village near St Petersburg. He said he ‘obeyed’ demands from the child to ‘kill him’ because of the dispute.

In the morning they lit the oven but this started a fire and they tried to escape from the windows. Neighbours called the police leading to their arrest.

The girl is below the age of criminal responsibility and will not face charges, law enforcement officials have said. However, Zverev – who confessed to killing Popovich – is to be charged with murder and dismembering a corpse, as well as crimes related to sex with an underage girl. He described the child as his ‘girlfriend’ to police.

Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper cited Russian Investigative Committee officials saying ‘the young girl took part in this massacre.’ But because she is below 14, she is being ‘interrogated as an underage witness and placed into the special detention centre for children’.

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