Deacon’s wife thoroghly beaten by husband for putting MENSTRUAL BLOOD in stew


A peaceful Saturday morning erupted sour when a man was seen beating his wife senselessly with the flat side of his ‘freshly sharpened’ machete.

It all started when the husband suspects his wife acting rather strange when leaving the bathroom with what appeared to be a spoon. The husband became worried and sneaked up behind her; followed her into the kitchen. He noticed her stirring the pot with this same spoon she was seen with in the bathroom.

After questioning her on her suspicious behavior, she paused for a minute then burst into tears and admitted to the husband in the exact quotes, “the marriage inna trouble” and needs to be secured. Shocked and in dismayed, the husband asked her what is really going on; she began to cry.

He quickly grabbed his machete and starts slapping on her around the back and on the shoulder as he began to question her. “Is this all true?.” This went on for several minutes until she was heard screaming for her life as she burst through the front door where the neighbors intervened.

It is allege that the husband, a church deacon, is said to be having an affair with another member of the church.

A common misconception by some culture which declared that using the blood that flows from a woman’s vagina during their menstrual period in cooked foods can be a means to “tie” a partner to a relationship. In a more detailed explanation, making one more committed to his/her partner in any faulty relationship.

The police were summoned and the man has been arrested.

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