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Latest Zambian News

Disaster as Kitwe married woman falls pregnant after attending 'all-night prayers' everyday

A KITWE woman is facing divorce because when she comes back in the morning from an overnight meeting, she instead starts to sweep the...

Extremely-starved 18-year-old boy arrested for having sex with a sheep

Police in Chililabombwe have arrested an 18-year-old man after he was caught having sex with a sheep. Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed this in...

Father of 22 preaches to Christians on how to stop HIV and Aids by...

A POLIGAMOUS man of Gwembe has advised Christians not to restrict men to marrying only one wife to prevent them from having side chicks,...

Lusaka Police officer kills thief in police custody as punishment for stealing a laptop

The Supreme Court has condemned a police officer to death for causing the death of a suspect he beat up with a short baton...

Shock as sex starved policeman storms mother-in-law's bedroom while naked and begs for sex

A 28-year old Chawama police officer has lost his marriage after his wife discovered him over attempt to sleep with her mother when she...