Antonio Mwanza defends President Lungu: He was chosen by God to lead Zambia


The Patriotic Front has condemned the statement issued yesterday by the UPND through its Presidential Advisor Douglas Syakalima saying that President Edgar Lungu is from the devil and not from God for telling police to shoot and kill Sesheke Residents for refusing to attend his rally.

And the PF has called on all well thinking Zambians to condemn the politics of hate, bitterness and tribal hegemony which the UPND has become synonymous with.

Party Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza has challenge UPND President Hakainde Hichilema to distance himself from this vile statement and ask his lieutenant to retract his despicable utterances.

He said Mr. Syakalima’s statement is not only offensive but an insult to the people of Zambia who elected President Edgar Lungu as Republican President because even the Bible clearly states in Romans 13:1 that all authority comes from God and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.

Mr. Mwanza reminded the UPND that they might detest President Edgar Lungu as a person but it is only right that they learn to respect the Office of the President as it is not only the highest office in the land but it is the embodiment and abode of the people’s trust and confidence and must be treated with reverence and decorum by all.

Mr Mwanza said President Edgar Lungu was duly elected by the people of Zambia and was blessed by God to hold the office of President and deserves all the respect as Head of State, Leader of Government and Commander in Chief of All Armed Forces; adding that he is a human being, a father, a grandfather, an uncle and a brother.

He said it is extremely disheartening that in 2019 Zambia can still have political parties whose only motivation for survival is hatred, bitterness and tribal hegemony.

Mr. Mwanza said Politics of lies, slander and name calling must be left in the dustbin of yester years and should not be resurrected in 2019.

He added that the purpose of opposition politics is to give credible checks and balances and provide alternative policies to the Government adding that opposition political parties are governments in waiting hence they must be conducting themselves in a sober, mature and progressive manner devoid of hatred, bitterness, malice and propaganda.

Yesterday, UPND called President Lungu “Devil” for telling police to use live bullets to shoot Sesheke Residents who refused to attend the PF rally.

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