Government to introduce law which will allow them to choose Pastors


A REGULATORY framework to regulate pastors and church leaders to curb misconduct among the clergy will soon be introduced, National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili has disclosed.

Reverend Sumaili said Government was working in corporate with church mother bodies to put up a minimum standards that would be required for people to practice as clergy.

She told Parliament yesterday that Government was concerned with alarming reports of misconduct by the clergy such as swindling their members and sexually abusing congregants.

Rev Sumaili was responding to Kasama Central Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa who wanted to know what measures Government was taking to improve the moral standing of church leaders, following negative reports in the media about their alleged misconduct.

“Following the negative reports in the media about the alleged misconduct of the clergy, Government is working very closely with the religious church mother bodies to develop a regulatory framework which will among other things lead to the development of a standard and regulations which will guide their conduct. The framework is helping the ministry to develop a policy and legal framework.

“It is very important to ensure that people are protected, because these (the clergy) are the ones offering spiritual help and a lot of people look up to them,” Rev Sumaili said.

he said her Ministry was also facilitating capacity building programmes to help the clergy strengthen their characters.

“Our desire is to see that the clergy change their conduct. We want to see a real turn around among the clergy,” she said.

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