(EEP) President, Chilufya Tayali breathes fire, tells PF to stop beating people and accept defeat


I really want to warn PF without fear or favor that, if they start behaving like they own this Country it will irritate many reasonable voters and BaKanganja will not save them. When people get fed up with nonsense, it is difficult to change them back to like a party. Remember, RB did not go because he was a bad man but people got fedup with the nonsense of MMD.

Trust me, I just had the best moment of my life and I came to social media to announce the good news to my TCMs, PF friends and HH, so that we start planning for the next step, only to be confronted by a statement from BaKanganja that he will fire all the police that beat up cadres in Sesheke.

BaKanganja, now, wants to protect violent cadres just because Muchemwa (PF – Intercity Commander 2) was beaten. I will not compromise to those levels, BaKanganja is being more of a coward than those good Sondela Boys that beat the hell out of those cadres. I don’t care if you hate me or beat me up, I have to tell you the truth.

If there is anyone who should be fired here, it is BaKanganja, in fact he has over stayed with his mediocrity. Yes, even me I support President Lungu but when things are bad we need to stand grounds and advise him accordingly.

People like BaKanganja are the ones that will cause Edgar to go down in 2021, because they want to cover wrong things which anyone can see that, this is not how it should be.

Does BaKanganja think people are happy with the violence coming from both PF and UPND cadres? Is it only violence when it comes from UPND, and not PF?

Can BaKanganja tell me if those cadres who went to protest at Parliament against newly elected MP for Sesheke, Romeo, today, had a permit.

BaKanganja is Police Number One, does he think what was displayed at Parliament is lawful? Who arrested Laura Miti, Pilato and others when they went to protest at Parliament?

BaKanganja arrested me and put me in cells for 6 days for telling him that he is incompetent, but look at his performance and his statement of today. Instead of congratulating the impartial and brave officers who worked so hard to make sure ECZ managed to conduct elections, he is now threatening them, what kind of an IG is this one, or he is just a PF cadre?

If those police officers were weak, we would not have had those elections, so stop threatening them and give them higher ranks instead of firing them.

BaKanganja should be the one to be fired for arresting me and sending a text message to Gerard Shawa (Prime TV Director) threatening Max Muwe. Yes, Max can be wayward in his News analysis, but does the entire Inspector General weigh in with threats as if it like the way we say it, ati, “Ichikulu chose pakaiche”.

Coming to PF, I think BaDavis Mwila and everyone else should swallow their pride and accept defeat in Sesheke, because I don’t think they will gain any goodwill from neutral voters with this route they have taken. What they have been doing before, had shown maturity better than UPND, but all of a sudden they want to be worse off.

Do you think if you went back to Sesheke, you would win the elections, you would be humiliated again, so stop this useless moves

UPND petitioned against Mwanakatwe, Nkandu Luo and others, did you see them going to protest at Parliament even when the High Court ruled against the duo?

Trust me, I prefer President Lungu to HH, since I have no money at the moment to contest (I wish someone would help me, money is my biggest problem) but this behavior of PF is not helping the already dwindling political fortunes of PF due to a number of economic challenges which I have already mentioned before.

I want to get married very soon, have more children in peace and not in exile, because HH does not like me. Let us be focused on 2021, by addressing the challenges of people and not wasting time protesting over an election which was won legitimately by UPND and PF stands of beating each other.

Let me get back to my Valentine. Meanwhile let me say thanks to Xotica Exclusive Jewellery-Manda Hill for the ring and WSM Jewelery resizing and giving back life to an old ring of my future wife, in a few months.

Ifyakwa Tasila twalebutakofye, those were social media jokes, Queen Sheba is a real deal.




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