Police boss orders all Police Officers to leave their Whatsapp groups


The police command (IG, deputy IGs and other senior cops) have banned all social media groups run by police officers.

This follows the ongoing severe condemnation of the police command by junior police officers over the firing of innocent police officers in Sesheke.

Using social media especially Whatsapp, police officers across the country have been condemning their bosses and PF for firing their colleagues in Sesheke .

Fearful of a revolt within the Police, the command has now ordered police officers of all ranks to close down immediately all social media groups they are running or face ‘severe’ punishment.

The police command hopes that by closing social media groups run by police officers, they will stop the raging debate and condemnation over the firing of Sesheke officers.

According to communication seen by the Watchdog and reproduced below, the police command is accusing police officers of abusing social media to tarnish the Zambia police service.

Yesterday, police spokesperson Esther Katongo said police officers across the country are angry with the firing of their colleagues as the same fate could befall any of them at any time.

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