Hakainde Hichilema’s advisor exposes him, He wanted me to sacrifice my son and report lies to ICC


HAKAINDE Hichilema’s schemes to create confusion and claims of assassination attempts have boomeranged following an expose by his own advisor, Major Richard Kachingwe, who claims the party and some named journalists and media houses were behind the machinations in which they used his son’s image as the assailant.

An incensed Major Kachingwe told a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday that he was allegedly asked to sacrifice his son, Mpange Kachingwe, by choosing between him and the UPND leader, so that the opposition leader’s claims of assassination could stand even though they were using his son as the so called assailant.

He said, he was shocked that Mr Hichilema could ask him to knowingly betray his son, his flesh and blood so that he (Hichilema) could go to State House.

He explained that he had discovered that the UPND, had used his son’s photo, which has since gone viral, and on which basis they put their report to the International Criminal Court (ICC) .

This, Major Kachingwe said, was all part of an elaborate scheme that included a journalist from a local Television Station and a college lecturer affiliated to the UPND, who has been the architect of false messages and pictures that the party sends out.

The UPND leadership has hired this man with the responsibility of drafting dangerous and desperate malicious propaganda and irresponsible allegations against Zambia for political expediency, UPND member Maj Richard Kachingwe said.

And Maj Kachingwe who is former MMD national secretary has cautioned Zambians to be wary of politicians like Mr Hakainde Hichilema who have serious traits of peddling lies whilst disguising themselves as well-meaning victims.

He accused the UPND of having perpetrated violence during the Sesheke parliamentary by-elections and stage-managed foray into the bush as victims just to manipulate local and international sympathy.

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