Lusaka Prophet shocks congregants, ‘Forgive me I was fake, now God has truly called me’


A Local clergyman Prophet Ramah Mwila has sought forgiveness from Zambians over the misleading ‘seed sowing’ doctrine he has been spearheading for sometime now. According to Prophet Mwila, he started his ministry well and taught the Bible in its raw form but strayed himself later on.

Here is Prophet Mwila’s confession text in full:

“When I started ministry, I started it very well with a heart for the people God sent me to. I preached to everyone. The poor, the rich… I saw them as one and my massage was all about Christ. I went to different villages to preach Christ.

Now as time moved on, my message started changing from Christ to prosperity. My focus also changed from salvation to money and seed giving. Each time a poor person called me for prayer I asked myself what will I gain from this one and at times I never wanted to pick calls from them. But when the rich calls me, I will prophesy to them like never before.

The gospel was all about me what will I gain? At times, I would say plant before I pray for them knowing to say some people when I pray for them they will never came back to give a testimony to me so I would want to eat from them in case I never see them again or they give testimony to another church, (I took Gods Glory to myself).

In so doing I forced people to give seed out of their own will. I milked them out of the little they had. It was give and the lord will bless you the more you give, sacrifice seeds. I stopped preaching salvation anymore. All I preached was giving and receiving because the bible says plant and you will reap. I used that verse for my personal gain (I never cared about the people).

I started selling anointing oil and water anointing strikers etc in order to help God finance his kingdom. It was just a way of raising money and milking the poor people.

Today, I want to say sorry to all I forced to plant seed out of their own will. Giving should be from the heart not out of false manipulations. Today, I have repented. God has really spoken to me. Forgive me people of God

God called me for the lost. Help me to save God in a better way and go back to the first love. You will never hear me talk about seed sowing. If the gospel is all about seed, what of the poor who don’t? Who will preach to them??? Where is the gospel of salvation gone?? Is it that members with money are the most loyal in church now?

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