Zambians killed In South Africa because of President Ramaposa’s xenophobic statements


By Tiza Mukuka Youth Advocat

Speaking on behalf of Zambia, we are demanding for the South African President Cyril Ramaposa to immediately withdraw his previous public xenophobic remarks because he has not only endangered the lives of other Africans but Zambians too who live in South Africa.

South Africa and ANC President Cyril Ramaposa issued statements over foreigners which has caused serious unrests in the country igniting xenophobic attacks and some Zambians have been killed in Kwazulu-Natal Durban.

As a Zambian National Youth Advocate, I want to remind all South Africans that the country is great today because of help from other countries like Zambia, where some Zambians had even contributed money to fund the ANC party.

President Thabo Mbeki was once exiled other countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia Mozambique and Tanzania, ANC used to have an office in Zambia( Kaunda square) and in Tanzania.

It is also sad to note how the SADC body has lost credibility because it does NOT quickly respond to alarming issues which affect the SADC region.

Ramaposa is a young man who needs to be talked to before other countries turn against South Africans.
This is why the COMMONWEALTH is more valued as compared to SADC.

As a youth Advocate, I want to advise the SADC body to introduce an African Union ID in place of passports which should only state a persons country of origin and also to replace and stop the use of work permits when in foreign countries. Africans must be free in Africa!

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