President Lungu, PF behaving like rats that have become too familiar in the house – Kambwili


EDGAR Lungu and PF are like rats that have become too familiar in the house to an extent of switching on household appliances, they need to be whipped out, Chishimba Kambwili told voters in Maposa.

Kambwili, who spoke in Bemba, told the residents of the rural settlement of Maposa that regardless of the PF desperate acts to distribute cash to voters, their exit was a matter of time.

“What has been happening in PF is nauseating; [they are doing] things we did not want under MMD, and things that make leaders think citizens are stupid. Edgar ayambile ukuntina alangumfwila jealous pantu namwebele ati mune 2021 naine ndefwaya ukwisa ikala apo wikala pantu muleyangasha ubutungulushi. Ilyo namwebele ifyo atina alandemba imilandu shabufi, ayeba naba council kuno ati lekeni ukuputula impanga pantu nga mwatwalilila ukuputula impanga ba Kambwili ebakapangilamo ishina elyo bakamfunye pa mupando. Ifyo mwamwene programme yakuputula impanga yaiminine (Lungu became jealous of me after I told him that my friend, in 2021 I also want to come and sit where you are because you have been playing with leadership. So when I told him about my intention he was scared and started accusing me falsely. He even told the council here to stop demarcating land for people, that if you continue it is Kambwili who will make a name and they will remove me from the Presidency. That’s the reason the programme of allocating land here has stalled),” Kambwili told the people of Maposa.

Maposa was initially a forest reserve but Kambwili lobbied to have it degazetted to accommodate settlements. He said President Lungu had been fighting to see him off the position of Roan PF member of parliament owing to his political ambitions. Kambwili said he had now reached a stage where he should be instructing members of parliament on how to work and make Zambian’s lives better. He said a revolution to rid the country of the thieving PF should start with a landslide victory in Roan Constituency. Kambwili reminded the voters that a lone seat in Kantanshi, Mufulira sparked the beginning of the change of government that ushered in the PF.

“Nshatalamonapo President mu life yachino chalo uwiba nga uyu, efilya batila Koswe nga akokola munganda alashimya na malaiti, ayasha na TV. Uyu muntu epo afikile aisa mukunonka efyo ine naebele abantu baku Mpatamatu naku Luanshya nati tiyeni tufumemo muli bukabolala pantu tapali uko tukaya. Bamunyinane uwakwebele imfwa yakwa noko mutanshi (I have never seen a President in the life of this country who steals like this one…it’s like what they say, if a mouse overstays in the house, it even switches of electricity and switches on the TV. This person, since he came he has just been focused on enriching himself, that’s why I told people of Mpatamatu and Luanshya that let’s move out of this thieving government because it will not take us anywhere. My colleague, to be forewarned is to be forearmed),” he said.

Kambwili told the residents that they had the power to remove PF from power using the ballot because what was happening in the country was disgusting. He asked the residents whether they were getting farming inputs as late as February before President Lungu came into office and the crowd responded with an emphatic “No”.

Kambwili said PF died the moment its founding president Michael Sata died. He further said President Lungu had brought back MMD leaders that people rejected and have started stealing the way they used to when they were in power. Kambwili said the PF was scared of him because he understands their folly and illicit deals. He added that PF ministers and members have invaded Roan in numbers because they know his [Kambwili’s] strength and that when they lose, it would mark the beginning of the end for their party.

“When PF came on the scene, we only had one seat in Mufulira, the Kantashi seat, and that ushered in a revolution for change. Even now my colleagues in Maposa, apa epali amalekano ya mfula nakasuba, iciBemba citila icisandulula indao menshi. Bemishita kubwali, mwishibe uko twafuma, mwishibe uwalenga ukuti mube muno Mumaposa nalelo, clinic ise, Isukulu lise (My colleagues in Maposa, this is where there is separation of the rain and sunlight. Let them not buy you with Nshima, remember where you have come from with me, who made it possible that you are still here in Maposa? Who built the clinic, the school?)” Kambwili asked.

He further said confusion was a blessing in disguise as it separates the wise from fools. Kambwili urged the residents not to lose the opportunity to replace him with someone who is hardworking.

“This young man I have brought knows that working with me is not easy, it’s challenging as I am a hardworking man. He will be guided on how to work with you and make your lives better and each time he goes astray I will be on hand to bring him back on course. The PF have brought back the thieving mentality from MMD which Sata did not want,” said Kambwili.

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