UPND convention is a hoax – Edward Mumbi


THE purported UPND convention is simply a hoax because UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is not ready to be challenged to the presidency, says his former spokesperson, Edward Mumbi. And Mr. Mumbi has challenged Mr. Hichilema to state when he intends to call for a convention as there were three party members he knew who were ready to challenge him. Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Mumbi said Mr. Kakoma must never be taken seriously over his continued statements about UPND going for the convention because it was a long and old story which started as far back as the MMD era. “Mr. Kakoma has continued talking about the UPND holding a convention soon but have you ever heard Mr. Hichilema himself making a comment on the matter? Mr. Hichilema is scared that if he goes to the convention, he would lose terribly because he has kept the UPND in the wilderness for a long time and people are fed up with him.

“So, what Mr., Kakoma is telling us about the convention is a long and tired story aimed at smoothening the nerves of party members who are at breakpoint due to unprecedented and perpetual losses in elections owing to a bad presidential candidate they have been fielding all along,” Mr. Mumbi said. He appealed to Mr. Kakoma to apologise to Zambians for telling them lies while knowing that the issue of the convention was a far- fetched idea that would never be realised. “Soon after the Mufumbwe hegemony caused by the UPND in the by-election, Mr. Kakoma said the party was going for the convention. That was during the MMD regime. Soon after losing the 2016 elections, Mr. Kakoma again lied that the UPND was going for the convention.

A week or two ago, Mr. Kakoma said the party is going to the convention. “For how long does he intend to protect his president who is not willing to do what he is talking about? Zambians are not dull and must not be misled by individuals smoothening the ego of failure with baseless accusations. Mr. Kakoma must apologise to them,” Mr. Mumbi demanded. Meanwhile, Mr. Mumbi challenged Mr. Hichilema to come out in the open and state his position on the matter. “Mr. Hichilema must tell us when he intends to call for the convention because there are three people I know who want to challenge him to the presidency. Party members now feel he is the one who has been making them to lose and they want change,” he said.

Soon after the Mufumbwe hegemony caused by the UPND in the by- election, Mr. Kakoma said the party was going for a convention. That was during the MMD regime

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