Chongwe residents fume over rise in prostitution as girls charge only K20.00 for sex


THE Chongwe Municipal Council should clampdown on lodges that are habouring sex workers to curb rising levels of prostitution, concerned residents have appealed. Residents talked to, said the council and other stakeholders should probe alarming levels of prostitution allegedly perpetuated by clandestine brothels.

Mr. Banda of Libuko village described the situation as a threat to morality and health of residents in the district. “Some lodges within the CBD are operating clandestine brothels and these should be stopped, Mr Banda said. He said the situation was alarming and was a threat to morality in a Christian nation. “The morals and principles that are acceptable in a Christian nation are in variance with what is obtaining in the CBD.

The levels of prostitution are beyond are unacceptable,” he said. A female resident who sought anonymity likened the situation to the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. “Some girls as young as 15 are offering sex at as low as K20.00. This is very alarming as the increased clientele is at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and equally spreading diseases, she added. She appealed to the Christian community up their evangelism and target places were immoral activities were taking place. “If no clients patronise these places, these girls will have no option, but to leave because they will not be able to pay for the rooms or flats in the CBD,” she said.

A check by a Daily Nation Reporter found some sex workers masquerading as guests at a named lodge almost naked waiting for the next client. One of the ladies talked to by the reporter revealed that she had clients of all ages and status.

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