Marriage of 19 years ends because of pubic hair


A FORTY-THREE-YEAR OLD woman of Kitwe last week told the local court that she has been unable to shave her husband’s private parts for over a year because he has failed to give her money to buy razor blades. The woman, Hildah Mwaba, was testifying in a case in which her husband, Michael Ziyandu, 49, sued her for reconciliation on grounds that they have not been having sex since August last year.

The two got married in 2000 and they have four children together. Mwaba told the court that problems in their marriage started after her husband got arrested for assaulting his girlfriend’s boyfriend. She told the court that her husband assaulted his girlfriend’s boyfriend after he found them chatting and that when she confronted her husband’s alleged girlfriend she told her that Ziyandu promised that he would marry her as soon as Mwaba dies.

Mwaba said the issue brought about problems in their marriage because her husband did not want to be confronted and that he also stopped supporting his family financially.
She testified that her husband now buys groceries for the house and that he does not regard her as his wife. Mwaba also said that she has been unable to shave her husband’s private part for over a year because he does not buy razor blades and that neither does he give her money to buy them.

“I do not know how my husband expects me to shave his private parts when he does not buy razor blades. I too have not been shaved in a long time,’ she said.

Mwaba also accused her husband of forcing himself on her after she told him that she was unwell to have sex. She also said that her husband and his family once ganged up against her and beat her up after she went to complain about his behaviour. But Ziyandu accused his wife of being disrespectful and insults him.

He also told the court that the couple no longer sleep in the same room and that they have not had sex in a long time. Ziyandu also complained to the court that his wife has not shaved him in a long time resulting in him having long hair on his private part. He asked the court to reconcile them so that they can live in harmony.

Kitwe senior local court magistrate Frederick Ndhlovu reconciled the couple after Mwaba agreed with her husband to have them reconciled.
Magistrate Ndhlovu also advised the couple to refrain from disrespecting each other.

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