MORE SEX: National AIDS Council provides Chief Mwata Kazembe with 400,000 female condoms


Chief Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda speaking people of Laupula is today Saturday July 27 hosting the Umutomboko Ceremony.

In an exclusive interview with Zambia Eye, Headman Kasao Chinyanta said Umutomboko is a celebration of victory and dance of conquest.

“In narrating the origin and importance of Umutomboko, one has to link this important ceremony with days when the Lunda crossed the Luapula River into Zambia, fighting their way through and in the process conquering tribes along the way. The Lundas were seasoned fighters who drew their fighting prowess from the discipline of its warriors and techniques learnt from the best warriors they captured along the way.

“The scenario at the time was that every young able bodied male was an obvious conscript to the fighting force. Therefore, it was expected that victory was guaranteed. It has been recorded in history that the Lundas finally crossed the Luapula River into present day Zambia near chief Matanda’s area of Mansa district, south of the Luapula Province,” Headman Kasao said.

The Umutomboko ceremony which is held annually in Mwansabombwe district, Mwata Kazembe headquarters during the last weekend of July attracts cooperate entities and government officials as well as Tourists.

Headman Kasao also explained that during the ceremony Mwata Kazembe performs the grand dance of conquest which is referred to as ukutomboka.

The Luapula AIDS Council has announced that it has stocked 400,000 pieces of female condoms and 50,000 male condoms for the Umutomboko ceremony which will take place today in Mwansabombwe.

Luapula AIDS Council Coordinator Nathan Kabwe in an interview with the media disclosed that the council has enough condoms for the famous Umutomboko ceremony and also to supplement all the traditional ceremonies coming before the end of the year.

Kabwe said Luapula has seven traditional ceremonies until November, 2019, and that the Umutomboko traditional ceremony is one of the biggest ceremonies in the province with a lot of activities.

He added that the National AIDS Council in the province will ensure the condoms are readily available for all the traditional activities that will be happening in the province.

Kabwe has however, advised the end users of the condoms not to abuse them, but rather to use them for the intended purpose.

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