Father of 22 preaches to Christians on how to stop HIV and Aids by having s_ex with many wives


A POLIGAMOUS man of Gwembe has advised Christians not to restrict men to marrying only one wife to prevent them from having side chicks, a situation he says increases the spread of HIV and AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases. Lawrence Mweene, 55, of Caani village, is married to three women, all of whom are older than him.

He told the Sunday Mail that it is more Christian to bring side chicks home as wives as opposed to men pretending to be faithful when they are not. Mr Mweene has 22 children with his wives. “We will not stop the spread of HIV if we continue pretending to be faithful men when we have other women [outside marriage].

The best we can do is advise our young men to bring those women home for as long they are able to fend for them,” he said. Mr Mweene said despite being a firm Christian, he does not think having more than one wife is a sin. “I actually think Tonga men are better Christians because if I like another woman, despite being married, I will simply talk to my wife and bring her home, too, so that they know each other. “It reduces the spread of diseases and also enhances productivity in the families.

Like for me, all my three wives are able to do some work, so once they all bring their produce, we have plenty as a family,” he said. Mr Mweene said a man who marries more wives, especially in a rural set-up, is able to achieve more than one who is not polygamous. “I do not regret being in a polygamous marriage because I am able to satisfy all my wives.

I have a time-table and so I have shifts. I spend maybe five days at one house then move to the next. It’s a wonderful world,” he said. And his second wife, Loveness, said women should not get angry when their men decide to bring another spouse because polygamy is not as bad as people perceive it. “In fact, I would have loved for my husband to bring a fourth wife so that he pairs us up but he is old now, so it’s okay. We will continue living as sisters and loving our husband,” she said.

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