UPND Chairperson Namakau Kambwiku breathes fire at Topstar offices, demands refund (VIDEO)


UNITED Party for National Development National Chairlady Namakau Kambwiku today returned two Topstar decoders in protest against the firm’s decision to remove Prime Television from its platform.

Mrs Kabwiku arrived at Top Star Communication Company Limited offices on Great East Road and went to the customer care department where she was advised to go to the Fourth Floor of the building and see the Marketing Manager or the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

However, on arrival at the Fourth Floor a receptionist intercepted her before she could enter the office advising that she can take the message and the two decoders to the managers she wanted to see.

The receptionist however returned after 10 minutes with the two decoders explaining that one decoder can still access the Prime Television signal while the other cannot.

Mrs Namakau refused to get back the decoders saying there is no way a Chinese owned company can come to Zambia and be used to stifle media freedom.

Mrs Kabwiku explained that she bought the two decoders because she wanted to access Prime Television and saw no need to keep them when the primary reason she got them for has been defeated through the actions of politicians and Top Star management.

Mrs Kabwiku appealed to all media organisations to support Prime Television and ensure that it is retained back on Top Star platform.

“It is only Prime Television that has been giving us full and balanced information on a number of issues where the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation has kept quiet. It was Prime Television that informed the nation about the death of a UPND youth in Kaoma and it is still Prime Television that informed us if the Chinese national who was being kept at an office premises with suspected coronavirus,” Mrs Kabwiku said asking that “who is going to inform the nation of the many things this government wants swept under the carpet,like it was with the retirees who camped outside the office of the Minister of Justice demanding for their gratuity through praise and worship only Prime followed up that story.”said Ms Kabwiku

She reminded media organisations that it was The Post Newspapers that were the first victims of the Patriotic Front scheme to suppress media freedom and now PF is after Prime Television even those that feel they are closer to the PF will be wiped out if media owners and the nation keep quiet.

“I am calling on all Zambians that are not happy with this move by government to victimize Prime Television through ordering its removal from the Top Star system to return their decoders and get a refund,” said Mrs Kabwiku.

Top Star removed Prime TV from its platform following government decision to cut all dealings with Prime TV and instructing all government agencies to follow suit.

According to a letter dated March 27, 2020 to Prime TV chief executive officer, Top Star Communications Limited informed him that the ceasation of all forms of cooperation was in compliance with government’s directive to terminate all business transactions with the television station.

Last week, the government cut its dealings with Prime TV and instructed its agencies to cancel all business transactions with the private station.

– Zambianobserver

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