Wife celebrates as hubby’s penis stops working after impregnating 3 women including Grade 10 girl


ONE man’s impotence has turned out to be his wife’s source of joy as she says the condition now prevents him from being promiscuous.

Weluzani Zulu, 40, who is accused by his wife of fathering three children outside marriage, has been left wondering who could have made him impotent despite his escapades with other women.

This was heard in a case in which Barbra Changwe sued Zulu for divorce on grounds that he is a promiscuous man. The two got married in 2009 and they have three children together.

Changwe told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2010 after her husband impregnated a Grade 10 pupil when they were living in Mpongwe. She said she only discovered that her husband had impregnated the girl after taking his relatives to the girl’s family.

Changwe testified that her husband’s affair with the schoolgirl made her to leave for Kitwe, where they later reconciled. She said few months after reconciling with her husband, she discovered that she had a sexually transmitted disease (STI) but they were later both treated at the hospital.

Changwe said her husband impregnated another woman in 2016, which forced her to file for divorce at that time but they reconciled with the help of families members.

She said her husband fathered a third child with another woman, a situation which has made her to file for divorce this time around.

“I have been forced to sue my husband for divorce due to his promiscuity and he also told me that his manhood is no longer functional, which I think serves him right,” Changwe said.

She also complained to the court that she found a call recording from her husband where he was planning with one of his girlfriends to bewitch her.

Changwe asked the court to grant them divorce before her husband infects her with HIV.

In defence, Zulu told the court that he has only fathered two children from other women and that he has on several occasions apologised to his wife for his actions.

He testified that he loves his wife and promised her that he would never impregnate another woman again.

Buchi Senior local court magistrate Elita Bwalya adjourned the case to another date.

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