Healing Word Ministries pastor Moses Chiluba breathes fire at President Lungu’s false prophets


Healing Word Ministries International Overseer pastor Moses Chiluba says he wants to know the vision President Edgar Lungu has for the nation after the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking during a televised broadcast on his CAMNET TV station, pastor Chiluba said there should be a vision to prepare the nation out of the current social and economic challenges after the pandemic.

“Yes thank God for the roads, everything you are doing. But what’s the vision we need to embark on as a nation after coronavirus?” pastor Chiluba asked, in the TV broadcast monitored by Daily Revelation.

Pastor Chiluba further castigated foreign prophets who were in good books with President Lungu and other government officials, saying they had gone into hiding after the pandemic. He said if they were real prophets they should have warned the President of the coming pandemic and advised him to prepare for it, in the same manner Joseph in the Bible prophesied to Pharaoh that there would be seven years of plenty and another seven years of famine, and he gave Pharaoh the guidance on how to prepare for that.

But pastor Chiluba said the so-called prophets were more interested in telling people who they will marry and other ‘make-me-feel-good’ stuff.

Pastor Chiluba further thanked the unity showed by opposition leaders who were donating to the cause against the pandemic, urging those who were criticising them to stop. He said President Lungu should be careful with people who were reporting wrong things to him about the works those in the opposition were doing.

“Utuchawa mutuleke…Mr Changwa Lungu sieve some of the people who bring umulomo. If the opposition are helping and you are doing your job, what’s the problem?” pastor Chiluba wondered.

He also criticised people who were attacking Bread of Life Bishop Joe Imakando for asking people to give their tithes, saying the man of God was in fact providing people with an avenue out of their challenges during these economic hardships.

“Those of you who spoke against the man of God you need to say sorry…this is the time if your salary is your source of income it will show,” said pastor Chiluba, adding that in his case he had not asked his congregants to send in their tithes and offerings, but they were still sending them willingly on their own accord.

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