UPND breathes fire as PF forces every Zambian to wear a coronavirus face mask bearing PF logo


17th April 2020


Mr. Edgar Lungu yesterday announced the mandatory wearing of masks in public places in Zambia as a measure to combat the spread of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

While the move maybe welcome, but unknown to the Zambian public, the wicked PF regime wants to politicise the disease by rolling out a fully fledged campaign programme through the distribution of branded PF face masks.

How reckless, insensitive and evil can a gang of people be to its citizens taking advantage of the disease to campaign when the whole country is united in praying for the country to get over the pandemic.

So to the PF, they would rather this disease stays a little bit longer and continues to ravage our communities as long as it presents an opportunity to them to campaign through PF face masks. How will a neighbour render solidarity to another neighbour against this vicious disease, if they have to first view each other through political lenses?

How ungodly can a regime be to always be taking advantage of people’s suffering for them to always be campaigning like they have equally done with the hunger situation where they are donating PF branded mealie meal.

The PF knows that face masks are very expensive for ordinary citizens hence the proclamation to make it mandatory to wear face masks, so that they can use the disease as a campaign vehicle. They are diluting the seriousness of the message of the mask.

So far, a number of organisations and individuals, including our party President Hakainde Hichilema have generously donated without politicizing the gifts, but for the PF, it’s always winning political mileage. This disease is not partisan, it kills indiscriminately. Please don’t destroy the common solidarity created by the coronavirus fight.

Obvious Mwaliteta
UPND Lusaka Province Chairperson

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