Real reason why Zambian government deported Professor Patrick Lumumba finally revealed


World renown public speaker, scholar, philanthropist and Pan Africanist Proffesor Lumumba, may have unknowingly touched a raw nerve of Zambian authorities, that have become increasingly intolerant to criticism, especially on matters of governance, Chinese dominance, corruption and free speech, when he made a scathing attack on Zambia’s governance style, at a public lecture in Tanzania early this year.

Professor Lumumba satirised his lecture by calling on the Zambian Government to sanitise their politics in line with the rule of law and the fight against corruption.

He lauded Zambia’s first President Dr Kenneth David Kaunda and described him as a man who loved his country by choosing to retire poor than amassing ill-gotten wealth through corruption.

“Kenneth David Kaunda, on the day he left office, he had only 8000 dollars in his account. If you asked your typical African, Tanzanian Councillor today, before Magufuli, that was pocket change. After 27 years in power, 8000 dollars only, those are people who loved their country and sacrificed. There’s need for ‘hygiene’ in Zambia.

The Kenyan law professor derided at the detention of Zambia’s opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema over a traffic misdemeanor turned treason and described it as mischievous and internationally unprecedented.

“It is the only country in the world that I know of where an opposition leader blocks a motorcade, it does not become the offence of obstruction but the offence of treason, unprecedented in the world. Hygiene is necessary in that country and I look forward to hygiene being introduced there”, said Professor Lumumba to a packed auditorium.

The Zambian government deported the South African DA leader Mmusi Maimane after he attempted entry in the country to offer solidarity to Hichilema at a court appearance for a bizzare offence of ‘traffic treason’, that had he been found guilty would have been handed down a maximum death sentence.

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