90% of prophets are having sex with married women in their churches: says Prophet Emmanuel Mukupa


A Zambian born former prophet Emmanuel Mukupa of Deliverance Ministries International says 90% of women who go to Pentecostal churches are cheating on their husbands.

Mr. Mukupa says Prophets in Zambia are sleeping with most married women in their churches.

The former Prophet says it’s time sensible husbands start stopping their wives to attend these churches because their is so much dirty going on.

“It’s common knowledge, You will see a lot of women defending us when their is an issue that we do. They become our spokespersons that this or that is a man of God, don’t insult the anointed ones.” He said

“Mostly these women are the one we have been having affairs with. I have decided to open up because I’m so tired of deceiving people. I have seen light at the end of the road. May that normal husband out their take this as true story” he said.

Meanwhile one week after one Zambian Prophet was caught in a sexy chat with a married women and exchanged nude pictures, another prophet by the name of Kelvin has been caught sexy chatting with a married women.

Meanwhile a Lusaka man has cried foul that a woodlands prophet is bonking his wife.

Here is his story…..

Where is this world heading to? It is so heartbreaking that people who should be preaching harmony and good morals are the people busy snatching other people’s wives.

This is a case where the renowned prophet and founder of More Than Conquerors church in woodlands started an affair with a married woman who is a also member of his church.

Then made her file for divorce from her husband so that they could be together. Read the story below with images.

I married my wife in 2011 at that time my marriage was all rosy, God blessed us with a beautiful daughter who is now 6. The problem in our home started when my wife joined a certain church in woodlands and was given a secretarial job.

At first every thing was OK my wife used to travel to different countries for Ministry with the founder of the same church who happens to be a prophet.

The prophet would call at mid night even when we are meeting as husband and wife, at first I thought it was normal not until it became worse, my wife started coming home late 22- 23.

Every time I asked her she would either respond in harshly way or just brush it off that she’s not feeling well to start up a quarrel.

I am not a well to do Man but I used to strive for my family making sure she lacks nothing. Now it seems my wife was never satisfied with the type of life she lived with me.

One day a message popped on her phone and when I checked it came from the same prophet saying ( I enjoyed what you gave me last night)

I didn’t know what to do at that time, looking at how close I used to be with this prophet and the respect I and my family gave him, this was so shocking I asked my wife she denied that the message was wrongly sent that maybe the prophet was trying to send it to his fiancee girlfriend or something.

It still didn’t make sense to me I really loved this woman and so I told her to live that church and join my church to my biggest surprise she refused and I think it’s because of the huge financial support she was given by the same prophet.

I tried calling her parents to sit her down because I really loved this woman and all I wanted was to see my marriage work.

Her family sat her down, what seemed to be a solution became a disaster she started accusing me of having an affair with her young sister, who was under our shelter at that time I was so disturbed and hurt her parents started siding with her, she left my house and got every thing that was last year when it happened.

She took me to court for a divorce, am getting my daughter next year she’s turning 7, as I talk to you now my wife is in charge of all prophet’s finances, she goes to China ordering things for his boutique in town they are found every were having fun rumour has it that this Man of God dumped his fiancee for my wife, he even did a surprise party in November for my wife at a hotel seeing all this makes me sad all the time it seems she’s enjoying life with him while am sobbing and still in love with her.

The problem am having right now is the anger and bitterness am feeling, I feel like killing the prophet and my wife for making a big fool out of me having an affair behind my back please people help me because this is serious as I talk to you right now I am hurt and I know where this man of God stays, he stays in chalala we managed to trace him.

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