Court orders side chick to return underwear to 42-year-old married boyfriend


A forty-two year old man of Mansa has sued his lover for returning of his underwear which she took from his matrimonial home whilst his wife was away.

Appearing before senior local court magistrate Leorntina Zaloumis and magistrate Margarete Sakalimba was John Bwalya, who sued Monica Mutale for reconciliation and return of his underwear and other things she got from his house.

Bwalya said early this year, he proposed love to Mutale after a misunderstanding with his wife. He said the relationship between the two grew stronger and that he would even spend nights at her house. Bwalya narrated that one day, he had a revelation on how unfair he was being to his wife and decided to end everything he had with Mutale.

“Mutale became my lover and we had sexual relations for many months until my wife discovered. “One day, my wife went to visit her relatives and I invited Mutale to my house and she was home until my wife returned after one month,” he said. He said when leaving, Mutale got all his underwear and other things belonging to him and never returned them. Bwalya begged the court to order Mutale to return all his things and reconcile them.

And Mutale said Bwalya used to go to her house crying and begging her to marry him. She said after months, she accepted his proposal and that Bwalya told her he was single. “I used to go to his house. I took his underwear because we became one and we would wear each other’s pants,” she said.

Magistrate Zaloumis noted that the two lived together for a month after Bwalya’s wife was away but he did not pay bride price. She said if the two are reconciled, Bwalya would ruin his marriage which he says he was not ready to lose. Magistrate Zaloumis upheld the claim and ordered Mutale to return Bwalya’s underpants.

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