Ugandan sangoma jailed for 5 years by angry magistrate for tricking a Zambian man with a very small penis


A UGANDAN traditional healer has been sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour for deceitfully getting K48,000 from a man who went to his ‘clinic’ to seek treatment for reduced libido and manhood enhancement.

Ndola senior resident magistrate Oswald Chibalo yesterday convicted Seguya Ibra, 27, after finding him guilty of theft. On September 1 last year, Ibra swindled Brian Siame out of K48,000 after promising to multiply the money to K1 billion.

According to court records, on the material day after seeing posters on the street about manhood enhancement advertised by Ibra, who referred to himself as Dr Katamba, Mr Siame called him to ask about the treatment of his reduced libido. He also revealed to the foreign sangoma that he has a very small penis that was worrying him and embarrassing him whenever he decides to ‘feast’ on any woman.

The court heard that during the process of getting the service, Ibra introduced Mr Siame to another service of multiplying money. Mr Siame agreed to have his money multiplied and gave Ibra K48,000 which he promised to multiply ti K1 billion. Ibra later demanded K20,000 for legitimising the transaction.

However, Mr Siame became suspicious after the money was not multiplied and each time he called Ibra, his phone was switched off. When confronted, Ibra threatened Mr Siame with spiritual boute.

When the matter came up for judgment, magistrate Chibalo found Ibra guilty of the offence. In mitigation, Ibra asked the court to exercise leniency on him as he was a foreigner and had a family to take care of back in Uganda. Ibra, who spoke in Bemba, also asked the court to swap him with a Zambian convict serving a jail sentence in Uganda on similar charges so that he could return to his country. But magistrate Chibalo denied Ibra’s application on grounds that the offence he committed was criminal.

“I wish to state that as much as you are a first offender and deserve leniency, the offence you committed and the manner in which you committed it has become prevalent, especially among foreign nationals. They come to Zambia to take advantage of some naive Zambians who seem to be desperate to get rich by using charms and rituals,” magistrate Chibalo charged.

He said as Zambians, he was duty-bound to help the State curb crimes committed by dubious and deceptive foreign traditional doctors who mislead people.

“As such, your act requires you to get punishment that will serve as a deterrent to would-be offenders. We shall not allow Zambia to be a breeding ground for fake traditional doctors. I will, therefore, sentence you to five years imprisonment with hard labour,” magistrate Chibalo said.

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