Angry man divorces wife for performing extremely horrible during sex


A 33-year-old man of Lusaka’s Matero township has refused to be reconciled with his 25-year-old wife citing poor performance in bed as the reason.

Benjamin Mutwalo had been brought to the Lusaka Boma Local court on Monday by Judith Tukuluho, his wife of two years seeking to be reconciled.

Tukuluho told presiding local court magistrate Kamono that problems in her marriage begun the same year the couple married after she discovered that her husband was secretly taking anti retroviral drugs.

She said Mutwalo had been complaining that he was not happy with her performance in bed and to please him she went to female traditional counselor to train her.

Tukuluho complained that despite her newly acquired pleasuring skills and accepting Mutwalo’s HIV status, he continued to mistreat her.

She told the court that Mutwalo started consuming alcohol heavily and would talk to his girlfriends on phone in her presence.

Tukuluho complained that her husband would sometimes also allow the couple’s first born daughter to talk to his girlfriends whom he would also post on social media.

She explained that things got worse in 2017 when Mutwalo was transfered to work in Kalumbila in Northwsern Province saying whenever he returned to Lusaka, he would spend nights outside their matrimonial home.

She further revealed to the court that her husband gave her mobile phone number to his girlfriend who would insult and tell her that she was carrying his child.

She explained that all efforts to resolve their marital problems failed.

But Mutwalo told the court that he was not ready to reconcile with his Tukuluho because she was not good in bed.

In passing judgement local court magistrate Kamono observed that it was evident that the Mutwalo had moved on because after being told that his wife had undergone training, he should have given her a chance.

Magistrate Kamano advised Mutwalo to file for divorce.

The matter was adjourned to November 16 for final judgement.

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