Prophet beaten up by angry female congregant: I paid him to get me pregnant


A Prophet from misisi compound who call himself “Mega Seer” has landed himself in trouble after he lied to a Woman last year in November 2018 that she will be pregnant.

According to church members who witnessed the beating last Sunday while he was having a church service in misisi compound, Prophet Mega seer was met by the husband to the Woman in question after getting a lot of money from her.

According to the husband of the Wife who was swindled, Prophet Mega seer on dates unknown but between june and December 2018, he has been directing that the Woman in question pay a fee for her to be pregnant.

A woman of the same compound only unidentified by her step daughter as Bana Rabbeca has given Prophet Mega seer an amount of about k12,000 in total for her to be pregnant.

The angry husband and his wife who was uncontrollable reached at the church before he asked everyone who was seated to identify who mega seer was.

“Excuse me people of God, pardon my entrace, I’m only looking for Prophet Mega seer. I want to have a word with you sir outside” he requested.

Prophet Mega seer then made a request to his congregants to be excused to talk to the visibly annoyed man who was later identified as the Father to Rabbeca.

“Sir, I’m here because you have been making my wife pay for a child. Do you know this woman?” Asked the Father to Rabbeca while pointing at the Wife.

“Before Prophet Mega seer could respond the woman who was cheated slapped him and her husband joined as the Prophet tried to look for rescue from his church members.

“I Work hard for my family, I wake up early in the morning to look for food for her and my children, I leave money all the time but my wife has been giving this lazy man calling himself a Prophet for a child”

” I have advised my wife over and over to stop going to these Pentecostal churches. How can a grown up man like him start deciving people to pay for miracles? Yes our wives can be so desperate but as a man of God you are supposed to guide them and help them, not making them pay. I know he can’t pay back the money, but I wanted to teach him a lesson” the Father to Rabbeca said.

Meanwhile church members were left in awe after the Prophet ran for his life and locked himself in the other room of the church while shouting fire, fire fire, fire!!!!!

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